Welcome to the members area of East West K-9

East West K-9 is comprised of K-9 Handlers from Illinois and Missouri. Together we train and trade ideas, hoping to perfect ourselves as handlers and to improve our canine partners.

Below is a list of K-9 Teams that actively train together and currently represent East West K-9:


Officer Bromaghim and K-9 Paco
Officer Espinoza and K-9 Bach
Officer Hartman and K-9 Sid
Trooper Hogan and K-9 Hero
Deputy SGT Lansing and K-9 Sari
Officer Mojzis and K-9 Bobo
Officer Daws and K-9 Aila
Trooper Rammert and K-9 Rogue
Deputy Ringhausen and K-9 Dalton


Officer Lewis and K-9 Rex

Below is a list of several K-9 Teams that have represented East West K-9 in the past, but currently they have other training arrangements:

From Illinois:

Officer Bailey and K-9 Blek
Officer Bayer and K-9 Cezar
Officer Beil and K-9 Max
Officer Buttrey and K-9 Riley
Officer Cerna and K-9 Jas
Officer Maui and K-9 Easy
Sergeant Moore and K-9 Zeus
Officer Rahl and K-9 Aiko
Officer Wunder and K-9 Danny

From Missouri:

Officer Grote and K-9 Jerry
Officer Litzinger and K-9 Rocky

The following are all Retired Members of East West K-9. Although the Retired Members of East West K-9 no longer train regularly with the current members, many of them keep in touch and or drop by during a training session. Several of the Retired Members still provide the current members, training ideas and assistance on handler issues.


Trooper Devino and K-9 Ty
Deputy Huber and K-9 Vader
Officer Jackson and K-9 Zack
Officer Jones and K-9 Paco
Sergeant Lloyd and K-9 Jester
Sergeant Otten and K-9 Ordi
Sergeant Parisi and K-9 Barry
Sergeant Ringering and K-9 Buck

The retired East West K-9 Members are what brought East West K-9 to where it is now, and each and every one of them deserve recognition for all their dedication, time and effort.

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