Officer Espinoza and K-9 Bach
Alton Police Department

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   Officer Espinoza and K-9 Bach

Officer Espinoza began his law enforcement career in the spring of 2000, when he hired on with the Alton Police Department. Since hiring on PFC Espinoza has worked for the patrol division. In 2004, PFC Espinoza met his canine partner, K-9 Bach.

K-9 Bach, is a four year old German Sheppard. K-9 Bach is an import from the Czech Republic and has been a resident of the United States since January 2004.

PFC Espinoza acquired K-9 Bach March of 2004. PFC Espinoza obtained K-9 Bach after testing many dogs with the assistance of the Illinois State Police Canine Instructor. PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach attended the Illinois State Police Canine Academy, between March 2004 and May 2004, where PFC Espinoza was certified as a Canine Handler. During the Illinois State Police Canine Academy PFC Espinoza trained K-9 Bach, who was then certified as a full-service police dog.

PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach have been working on the street together since the Canine Academy graduation, May of 2004. Since working patrol, K-9 Bach has made several felony suspect apprehensions and/or has assisted in the apprehension of criminals because of his presence. Two felony apprehensions earned his handler "Officer of the Month" awards. K-9 Bach's assistance in other apprehensions earned his handler several letters of commedations in 2005.

K-9 Bach has located narcotics on several occasions, which otherwise might have been missed by officers.

K-9 Bach has also been used to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois (M.E.G.S.I.), and the Illinois Parole and Probation Division, in "drug" sweeps, serving of felony warrants and parole compliance checks.

K-9 Bach has located evidence on several crime scenes, including firearms in several cases. K-9 Bach has also earned his handler several letters of commendations after locating key evidence to several cases.

PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach make up one of two Full Service Patrol K-9 Teams for the Alton Police Department. The Alton Police Department also has an explosive detection dog.

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