Case Law

Here I have found case-law rulings to assist you, the handler, on the deployment of your canine partner, whether it is for narcotics or suspect apprehensions.

Much of the information has been compiled from various resources, including a large amount of content provided by Terry Fleck. I will try to keep the current case law up top; however depending on the topic it will not be in chronological order.

The case-law posted was watered down to give you quick, easy to understand material. I recommend that you find and review the actual case.

Please!!! If you have any other cases that might have been missed, contact me , so we can get it posted. Canine caselaw can be an important resource for the handler and their respective agency.

Also please note any information in blue is the administrators opinions based on the case law. It is to assist the handler to better understand the information. However it is the handler's responsibility to read the actual court case and follow those guidelines

Narcotics Suspect Apprehensions

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